Looking over Pharping from the top of a monastery


3 thoughts on “Pharping

  1. Wow!!! Beautiful pictures, Josh!!! However, what is a stupa?!? It looks interesting ! I want to hear more! Happy travels 😛
    Mme Crawford

    • A stupa is a Buddhist structure that is usually circumambulated to wipe away karma and it is believed that they hold Buddhist relics inside of them. The one I have a picture of is the epicenter of Boudha, the town in which I live, and it is the biggest stupa in the world.

      • Very cool!!! You will have so much to share by the end of this experience and maybe, just maybe, flying will be easier ?!? 😛
        I think it is AWESOME that you are living this experience! You will have such an interesting perspective of the world when you return home!
        Mme Crawford

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