Hello World!



So after about a week of no internet, I can say to everyone reading that I am here, I am still alive, and I am very happy. It has been quite the adventure thus far. Cold nights and warm days. Good food and lots of tea. Our first 4 or 5 days were spent in a town south of Kathmandu (the capital city) called Pharping (pronounced par-ping). Our first home was a beautiful little resort on a hill, the rooms of which are pictured above, as well as one of our “classrooms.” Our schedules here consisted of breakfast at 7:30, Tibetan language from 8:30 to 10:45, then other discussions and little lectures throughout the afternoon, punctuated by lunch and tea. Dinner was the last thing on each day, followed very closely by bedtime for all of us. 

Now I have gone to my home stay family and commute from their apartment in Bodha to the SIT Yantra house, otherwise known as the program center. At the Yantra house we have class every day unless we do something in town or on excursion. Usually we have two hours of Tibetan, some preliminary meetings concerning our well-being, lectures and free time. 

I am slowly getting over my first stretch of what is, at least I hope, traveler’s sickness. The headaches come and go, and as for the rest, suffice it to say that I’m very grateful for a western toilet that flushes….The food is very good, and my family loves giving me more. My mother (amala), doesn’t speak much English, but my older brother (who’s name is Kelsang), has a pretty firm grasp of the language, so that has made things easier. I also have an older sister and brother-in-law who speak English well. The apartment is small, but I have my own room and I am quite comfortable. 

Bottom line: After one week, I love Nepal (despite my anxieties, sickness, and fears), my home stay is great, the Bodha (my temporary home) is wonderful, and I am beginning to feel much more comfortable. As I continue to learn the language and the area around me, I will become more confident in my studies and hopefully more adventurous overall. I should be able to update my blog more frequently from here on out, but keep up as you are able 🙂


One thought on “Hello World!

  1. Hi, Josh. I’ve just finished reading your initial entries and wow!!! I am so THRILLED for you! What a neat adventure and a fantastic learning experience! I am looking forward to reading about your journey the next few months.
    With regard to the homesickness and anxieties, it passes. It comes is waves and truthfully, as I am sure that you know by now, some days are easier than others! However, the key is to stay busy and positive! Enjoy your host family, the culture, acquiring the new language ( YAY!!!) and soaking up the experience! I have to tell you, as you go throughout the next few months, that will keep you going. It’s the experience and even on the days when you a frustrated, take a moment and think: WOW. Nepal. Me?!? How cool!!!
    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will teach you more about yourself that you may not even realize until much later. Moreover, keep in mind too, the memories will last a lifetime .Plus, meeting new people and learning another language are going to open more doors and help you make more connections in our ever expanding world! The benefits are AMAZING!!! Trust me. 🙂
    Cheers, Madame Crawford 🙂

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