Today is the day!

IMG_3512.jpg copy

I am off to Kathmandu, and what a beautiful day! It is snowing here in Prague, but no matter. I take off at 1:15 local time for Munich, then 2:55 from Munich for Qatar, and finally 4:30am local time from Qatar to Kathmandu, arriving at 11:30am Tuesday, January 28th. Wish me luck as I do not particularly like traveling, and I will speak to you soon.



Here we go…

Tomorrow I depart Philadelphia for Prague. This is the first leg of my journey. Consider it a way to ease my way into studying abroad and being in a foreign country. After a week of exploring Prague I will leave for Kathmandu, stopping by Qatar along the way to switch planes. I will begin posting more at that point, and hope to continue as much as possible for the rest of the semester. Hope you get a chance to read!